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I have always been an avid reader and when my children began asking for book recommendations I realized I could write a book that they would enjoy.  Writing allows me to be creative and to explore my ideas further and see where they lead.  Everyday I am thankful to have achieved my dream of publishing one of my books. My goal is to create stories that captivate and are thought provoking.  


I am writing the second in this series. I also have numerous other stories started in the genres of Children, Middle Grade and Adult. I am a member of the Minnesota Library Association.  Find me on Goodreads or purchase The Other Side of the Fence: Ana & the Lilys here. 


Books by Children Authors can be found here. I am available for events such as Meet the Author events in schools and Story Time in libraries.  


The first published work by Corinda Edevold is a fantasy that follows the adventures of Ana and her two very different sisters as they discover an entirely new and strange world.


This is the first in The Other Side of the Fence series and it is from the most unremarkable sister; Ana's, point of view.  The sisters are separated shortly into the story and the next books follow the other sisters through their separate experiences as the individual stories weave together to reveal frightening truths.


A reckless goat named Bubble Gum and a tribe of prank loving leprechauns are just a few of the magical creatures that the sisters meet as they find themselves drawn deeper into this mysterious and enchanting land.  The Fairy Realm is surprising and spectacular but there is a sinister undertone in this land.  Will the sisters survive long enough to find the answers of their own unknown history?

Please suggest this book for an AR quiz through Renaissance here.  The ISBN is 9781638672890, the estimated interest level  is middle grades and the Publisher is Dorrance Publishing Company, Inc. I do have an AR quiz that you may use for your school. Please email me and I will send you the quiz and answers.  


Happiness is not something ready-made. It comes from your own actions.

Dalai Lama


Bemidji, MN

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